Seeing Yourself In The Light Of Christ

Before meeting Christ, how you see yourself is like looking at yourself in a mirror in a hot, steamy bathroom. You can’t see yourself clearly. The steam fogs up the mirror and you can only see a blurry version of yourself. The steam is a metaphor for the things we tend to put our identity… Continue reading Seeing Yourself In The Light Of Christ

“There Are People Who Will Benefit From Your Story Of Survival…”

Hey wonderful readers! I am back with my final Women of Faith interview of 2017! It’s been a great ride and I genuinely hope you have enjoyed the interviews. I sat down with Anaïs to discuss waiting on God. It’s ironic because I was an hour late to meet her. Shout out to Anaïs for… Continue reading “There Are People Who Will Benefit From Your Story Of Survival…”

“It was the Devil’s fault!”

Picture this. Two years ago, a cold wet night with the ground moist from the rain that had fell earlier that evening. Driving in my first car, a couple of months after I had passed my driving test. Feeling confident and excited to drive myself and a friend back home after a fantastic night. I… Continue reading “It was the Devil’s fault!”

Never Been Dated?

This post is going to be a bit personal! So have fun sipping your tea... So from the title of this blog post, you can guess I have never dated anyone before! I can hear all the gasps now. Yup, I'm in my early twenties and have never dated before. But I'm sure I'm not… Continue reading Never Been Dated?

That God-Breathed Confidence….

This post is inspired by one of my own journal writings. I struggle with my own identity and self-esteem A LOT, as I'm sure we all do. I always longed to be more beautiful/smart/funny or any other thing that makes us conform to the socially accepted ideals of beauty. It's been a prayer ever since… Continue reading That God-Breathed Confidence….

The Joys Of Masturdating…

YASSSSSSSS! Who would have thought it? I have finally done the impossible. I am FINALLY content with being single! Learning to enjoy and embrace singleness is something I've wrestled with since I learnt what the words 'dating' or 'boyfriend' meant. Its something we ladies don't like to admit either. We don't like to be single.… Continue reading The Joys Of Masturdating…