My name is Satta and I am a 20-something year old living in London, UK. Currently transitioning into adulthood as I am graduating from university this year.

I’m quite young, so I’m currently blogging my exploration of Christianity (my faith and beliefs) and how it plays into my everyday life. There isn’t a life-defining exact moment as to when exactly I gave my life to Christ but I was around 17/18. I got baptised on 18th April 2014 (Good Friday!) and that was an awesome experience, so I officially call that the day I chose to follow Jesus Christ.

I intend to post regularly about my walk in the faith, topics of the Bible, any Christian books I’m reading, life as a young Christian woman and just generally what Christianity is about and what is means to be a Christian. I just hope you are informed and become more aware of what Christianity is and my perspective of living as one. I just wish to encourage one person if this what it takes!

I’d be happy to answer questions you may have or pray for you if you have any requests. I’m more than happy to listen to any worries/issues/problems you may have. I have put my social media at the top of this blog so you can reach out if you want or just leave a comment. I’m here to serve God and His people.

P.S ALL pictures featured on this blog is MY OWN. I took them. Please credit me if you use ANY of these pictures.

My previous blog is called Chosen by Relentless Love, please go and check it out!

Satta x