Seeing Yourself In The Light Of Christ

Before meeting Christ, how you see yourself is like looking at yourself in a mirror in a hot, steamy bathroom. You can’t see yourself clearly. The steam fogs up the mirror and you can only see a blurry version of yourself. The steam is a metaphor for the things we tend to put our identity… Continue reading Seeing Yourself In The Light Of Christ

Suicide Before You See This Tear…

Suicide before you see this tear fall down my eyes... (Shout out if you know where this lyric is from!) But it is the very motto people scream in the quietness of their hearts. They would rather die than let someone see them cry out of the pain they feel, or just be vulnerable. It… Continue reading Suicide Before You See This Tear…

#PainLessons By Joseph

I’ve been trying to do the Bible in a year this year and January went really well. And I’m quite behind in February but doing my best to catch up. In my catch-up time, I was able to read Joseph’s story, pretty much all in one go. One thing that I took from his life… Continue reading #PainLessons By Joseph

The January Detox…

Hellooooooo !! Happy New Year! (Even though this is a month late). SOOOOO It has been a while since I posted on this blog! Well, I'll let you know why! To start 2018, I wanted to detox from 2017 (and the previous years to be verrry honest) because I felt I ended 2017 not as… Continue reading The January Detox…

2017 – A Year To Remember

2017 was that year where I took my eyes off grace because I let my circumstances determine my faith levels and where my faith lay.  Just like Peter, I took my eyes off the one who called me into the unknown and onto the circumstances I was in. 2017 was the year that really challenged… Continue reading 2017 – A Year To Remember

“There Are People Who Will Benefit From Your Story Of Survival…”

Hey wonderful readers! I am back with my final Women of Faith interview of 2017! It’s been a great ride and I genuinely hope you have enjoyed the interviews. I sat down with Anaïs to discuss waiting on God. It’s ironic because I was an hour late to meet her. Shout out to Anaïs for… Continue reading “There Are People Who Will Benefit From Your Story Of Survival…”

Sis! Stop Lyin’! – The “Am I Ready To Date?” Stage…

So! Guys, this is a new short series on dating and relationships. Obviously from one of my previous posts, Never Been Dated, I am not qualified to write on the whole dating/relationships thing so I called in a friend to give some advice on how to go about it! I've called it "Sis! Stop lyin'!"… Continue reading Sis! Stop Lyin’! – The “Am I Ready To Date?” Stage…

“Come To Me All You Who Are Weary And Heavy Burdened…”

Hey everyone! It’s that time of the month again! Here is another Women of Faith interview!! Inspired by World Mental Health Day that was on October 10th, I sat down with Isha and discussed mental health... What is a woman of faith to you? Isha: A woman of faith is someone who leans not on… Continue reading “Come To Me All You Who Are Weary And Heavy Burdened…”

“It was the Devil’s fault!”

Picture this. Two years ago, a cold wet night with the ground moist from the rain that had fell earlier that evening. Driving in my first car, a couple of months after I had passed my driving test. Feeling confident and excited to drive myself and a friend back home after a fantastic night. I… Continue reading “It was the Devil’s fault!”

“The One Thing That Has Stayed The Same Is God…”

We’re back with another Women of Faith interview! I got to hang out with Lydia God’s own Junkyard in East London and ask her a couple of questions. Meet Lydia, she is a English Language and Linguistics graduate. She was born in Germany, grew up in Birmingham and is now living in Basal, Switzerland! Quite… Continue reading “The One Thing That Has Stayed The Same Is God…”