#SoloStaysWithSatbo Edinburgh

As part of one of the few things I wanted to challenge myself to do was solo travel. I don't know why I have this fear of travelling alone. It isn't an irrational fear though, I believe it is a fairly rational one. For some reason, I have this fear of dying abroad which makes… Continue reading #SoloStaysWithSatbo Edinburgh

“The One Thing That Has Stayed The Same Is God…”

We’re back with another Women of Faith interview! I got to hang out with Lydia God’s own Junkyard in East London and ask her a couple of questions. Meet Lydia, she is a English Language and Linguistics graduate. She was born in Germany, grew up in Birmingham and is now living in Basal, Switzerland! Quite… Continue reading “The One Thing That Has Stayed The Same Is God…”

Milan – The City Of Discovery

I graduated at the end of July and as a graduation prezzie to myself, I booked a trip away to Milan for three days! I had bought my plane tickets and booked my hotel in May so I was crazy excited to travel. Especially since I haven't left the UK since March 2005! YES! My… Continue reading Milan – The City Of Discovery