A Letter To My 15 Year Old Self…

Dear younger Satta,

Whew chile, where do I start? You won’t realise this but life is sweet! Don’t let Skins fool you. Life after GCSEs moves mad! I know you want your independence but girl, don’t grow up too quick. Enjoy the days you are living in. Enjoy your friends. Enjoy hanging out. Enjoy school. Enjoy the present. Remember that life is so much bigger than BBCS (my secondary school). Life is so much bigger than you think. And don’t get your hopes up about this “adult” life. In reality, no one knows what they’re doing. LOL.

You’re 15, probably worrying about your upcoming GCSEs and thinking about medical school. Just to give you a spoiler, you smashed your GCSEs! You may be disappointed that you didn’t get that A* in maths but girl, you did well overall. You definitely worked hard and that’s a thing you will later realise is a part of your personality. Don’t worry about trying to fit in or that you’re not as pretty or slim like your friends. You will grow to love yourself and the body you occupy. You are just as beautiful as the others. You’re different. You’re you. No-one else has the pleasure and honour of being you.


I want to let you know that life definitely doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. You didn’t get into medical school. You don’t marry Harry Styles. But life turns out so much sweeter. Sweeter just because of the simple fact, you meet Jesus. And He DEFINITELY turns your life around and loves you like no other. Learn to rest and enjoy just being, not just because you deserve it due to your hard work. But because your life is in the best hands EVER. Jesus. Rest in knowing that nothing that occurs in your life is a mistake – it all works out for your good. Yes, you didn’t end up in medical school a few years later, but you do have some of the greatest people in your life. You will discover new loves, new crushes (yikes!!) new passions, new talents and new gifts simply because you trust in Him.

My dear sweet 15 year old Satta, enjoy the present days. They go by so quickly! Be confident in His plans for your life, so that you can rest.


This International Day of the Girl – 11 October – thousands of girls living in poverty in Brazil are growing up without even the chance to go to school. With high rates of teenage pregnancy, 1 in 10 will be married before they turn 15. CompassionUK’s Handbook for Girls project will equip 10,000 girls in Brazil with information on health, relationships, education and employment, giving them desperately needed advice for their futures.

Why not get involved? Post a picture of yourself aged 15 on your social media and make a difference to girls in Brazil by texting EMPOWER to 70140 to donate £4 and give two girls hope. Tag three friends to do the same and share their #AdviceForGirls.

Be opened,

Satta x

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