2017 – A Year To Remember

2017 was that year where I took my eyes off grace because I let my circumstances determine my faith levels and where my faith lay.  Just like Peter, I took my eyes off the one who called me into the unknown and onto the circumstances I was in.

2017 was the year that really challenged my faith and my idea of relationships. It was the year of the unexpected. Things I never thought would have happened did. My thoughts, ideas and beliefs were dismantled and shaken up. Everything I thought was true, wasn’t. It was a huge learning curve and this year really made me grow up. I feel more adult, which is wild for me!

2017 was the year I entered into the classroom – physically (I became a teaching assistant), emotionally and spiritually. I learnt so many lessons that hopefully will be a launchpad into more growth in 2018.


The biggest lesson I learnt is to cling onto God with everything *insert Hillsong United chant*. In the last few weeks of 2017, I honestly did try to rebel. I didn’t want to listen or speak to God. I wanted to do my own thing. Life looks easier on the non-religious side of life, right?

BUT He was patient with me. Waiting for me to return to Him. Which to be very honest, I really did not deserve, I chose everything else before Him! The God I know and serve is full of grace and love. There is nothing like it. It’s overwhelming, powerful and … sweet. Beloved, if you feel* like you have done things this year which means you can’t return to God, this is a lie. He is ready to embrace you like the father and his prodigal son!

Repent and return!


The cross on Calvary is the one place where judgement and sacrifice came together. God’s judgement on humanity fell on Jesus that day. The judgement we so rightfully deserve was what Jesus took upon himself that day. His sacrifice was also present too. Jesus sacrificed himself so that we could be reconciled with God the Father!

I believe that 2018 will be a year of growth. There’s something truly different about the next year that I can’t explain. I just have to wait and see what happens!

2018 is your chance to flourish more into the person God has called you to be. To become more Christ-like than ever before. Create new goals and make the old goals new again. Step out your comfort zone. Challenge yourself and your character. Feed your mind and soul. Smile, laugh and love more. Make time for self-care. Love unconditionally. Forgive an unlimited number of times. Get to know yourself. Unlearn unhealthy behaviours and weed out the roots of unforgiveness, bitterness and anger for instance. Learn to say NO! Let’s refuse to go around the same mountain again! Learn to budget! *coughs* Learn to have boundaries with people and things! Learn to love yourself and most importantly, love God!


2018 is your chance to reset everything. I’ll be doing a detox from the 1st to get rid of a lot of negative things I picked up and the chance to pick up good habits to start my year off right.

What will you be doing to step closer to becoming the person YOU want to be?

Be opened,

Satta x

Oiiiiiiii, shout out to my mate Chitalu who braved the freezing cold to take pictures of me! Love ya girl!





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