Milan – The City Of Discovery

I graduated at the end of July and as a graduation prezzie to myself, I booked a trip away to Milan for three days! I had bought my plane tickets and booked my hotel in May so I was crazy excited to travel. Especially since I haven’t left the UK since March 2005! YES! My last holiday or trip outside the UK was in 2005. So flying and going abroad was a new experience for me as an adult! Flying was so cool! As soon as we’re in the clouds, I said to Jesus “WOWWWW, I’m actually riding in your clouds!” It was flipping exciting.

I’ll just be sharing my highlights and pictures of my days in Milan! I learnt so much about myself whilst on the trip! It was an eye-opening trip and I definitely want to go and explore the world more. I thought I was a homebody but it definitely gave me a taste of wanderlust. The city confirmed that I absolutely love to explore new places and over the next year, I do want to explore more of London, the UK and Europe! I’ve already got a list of places I want to go!


BUDGET: Listen, call me crazy or insane but I literally took only 60 euros with me. If people can travel with less, why can’t I! From the time of the booking to the holiday, I had some financial issues but hey, I was determined to make it work. After all, I was after the sights and views. Food and physical souvenirs aren’t a biggie. The hotel I stayed at was pretty central and I could walk pretty much anywhere! Milan is quite expensive but you can do it on a budget!

With the 60 euros, I was able to get food (breakfast was provided by the hotel so that was a win!), experience their metro system, pay the tourist tax (UGH!) and pay for transport to and from Milan Malpensa (the airport). Thank God walking is free! And guess what, I returned with 15 cents! Chicken change but hey I did it! I learnt that I CAN budget if I really want to!! Pray for your girl, gotta learn how to deal with the finances lool.


VIEWS: OH MY GOSH. Milan is absolutely beautiful! The buildings are absolutely stunning. Some of the buildings do look like they’re falling apart but they are still beautiful. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see everything I wanted to but I was able to check out some of the ‘touristy’ places like Castello Sfozesco, Duomo, Parco Sempione and the parks too! I love exploring and discovering new stuff!


FOOD: I didn’t get to try authentic Italian food (and to be honest, I don’t think Milan is the best place for it – maybe Rome, Venice, Florence etc) but I DID get to have a little taster! Googling Italian food on a budget, I landed on a goldmine. So good, I went twice! This place is called Spontini. Cheap pizza for a HUGE slice! Absolutely delicious.


Overall, I absolutely enjoyed Milan – the sights, the food, the people! I am so here for Milan! But I wouldn’t stay in Milan for longer than 3 days. Its a city, so I guess once you’ve done it all, you really have done it all! The sights are gorgeous though so Milan is a destination you need to visit at least once!

Be opened,

Satta x













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